Ian and Lynne Wright – Cors’ it’s Ceramics

The Wrights photographed just prior to their participation in the Irland ’85 exhibition in Zurich

Ian Wright studied ceramics at the Royal College of Art in London, where he learnt throwing, hand building and mould making. Lynne Wright trained in fine art at Winchester College of Art in Hampshire. They arrived in West Cork in 1973 during the early years of the artists’ community and established their home, ceramics studio and an environmentally sound habitat at Kilnaclasha, Skibbereen. Today they share their time between Kilnaclasha and Tobago where they have established a wildlife project to breed and release Tobago’s native animals.

Using the name Cors’ it’s Ceramics they experimented with body casting slipware and began to produce specialised one-off bathroom fittings – humorous and sometimes erotic. They were hugely successful but demand outstripped their ability to supply, and the venture closed in 2002.

Lynne Wright is a practising ceramicist and her work – mainly exotic and colourful – is much sought after. Ian is heavily involved in environmental projects but also works sculpturally in cast cement fondue.

Above: bathroom ware from Cors’ it’s Ceramics, 1980s. Below: contemporary work from Lynne Wright