Cormac Boydell (b 1946)

Cormac Boydell was born in Dublin and studied art with Oisin Kelly, one of Ireland’s most prominent and inspirational sculptors. He spent time as a geologist in Australia and Libya before settling in Allihies, West Cork in 1972, where he built a kiln and learnt to work with clay, which he ‘allows to dictate the rules’. His work is primal: he shapes the clay without tools and a distinctive, earthy style evolves.

Boydell has created a prolific, individual body of work which is highly sought after, and new exhibitions are eagerly awaited. His work is in many prominent public collections.

He lives in Allihies with his wife, artist Rachel Parry. Their remote home is a tranquil haven of creativity.

Above: Derg Corra – Unique handformed ceramic in terracotta. This work has been inspired by stories of Fionn McCuamhaill (Finn McCool) and his band of warriors, the Fianna. Stories of Fionn and the Fianna lie in the realm of deep mythology, probably stretching back thousands of years and Boydell illustrates some of these in this imaginative piece, reflective of the essence of the ancient legends